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Jetset Puppy

Tucker is a rescue from Nashville, TNĀ  who is now living in Kusel, Germany.


Classic side eye, Chelsea!

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  1. Does he have some mixed blood?

  2. Deutschland wird dir gefallen Tucker!

  3. Goodness, what a journey and adventure little Tucker has had already in his young life. That little side glance seems to be saying, Yes, I’m cute and I know it, I’m tired and I’m ready for my nap, WHAT do you want NOW? Such a beautiful baby, tipped ears, four white socks, pretty white chest and the “ring around the nose” . . . oh, I just took a second look, Tucker also has freckles on his nose! It is going to be fun watching him grow into adulthood.

    • He is fantastic. We have had him for a year now and his coat has come in beautifully! He is absolutely hilarious and loves going on long “marches” (hikes) with my husband, myself, and his sister Lucy (border collie) up to some of the castles in the area. He is truly a blessing :)

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