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He Is….The Most Relaxed Sheltie In The World


Wylie looks so comfy, Charlene!

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  1. What a sweet face!!!!!! :)

  2. Thanks for your kind comments. He IS my heart.

  3. What an adorable face! All covered-up like a baby ….Somebody loves him!

  4. What a sweetie! He looks so adorable all cuddled up with his blanky and stuffed toy.

  5. I so want to cuddle him right now!

  6. Both my Sheltie girls have one ear up and one tipped, I think that makes them extra special. =)

  7. Now Wylie knows how to relax in comfort.
    He certainly looks like he is enjoying himself!
    He looks like a real love bug too!

  8. Wylie is magnificent. Shelties are the BEST!!

  9. WOW, I’ll have what Wylie is having! I don’t think I’ve ever been that relaxed. What a sweet, sweet face this adorable little Senior has and still looks so bright eyed for the camera. Charlene what a wonderful testament to your kind, generous pet parenthood, I’m wishing you and Wylie lots more years of love and companionship together.

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