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“So This Sheltie Walks Into A Bar…..”

I don’t think Chance gets the joke.


Maybe Laddie will explain it to him, Gloria. :)

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  1. Love it..What,s the punch line,huh? Cute!

  2. OMG, those expressions are beyond PRICELESS!!!!

  3. That picture is too cute! Now I need to know the punch line…

  4. WAHOO!! I love, love, love that goofy little “deer in the headlight” look on Chances’ face, that is totally priceless . . . and Laddie with that big Sheltie laugh, I picture him ROFLHAO!! There is so much fun in this picture Gloria, I bet it is a really fun household you live in. I see all the everything Sheltie for me, tipped ears, beautiful coat colors and the sweetest little faces, that I’m jealous that you get to have this all to your self.

  5. This photo and its caption made me laugh out loud! Fantastic photo :)

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