15 Responses to “Spot the Imposter”

  1. Gloria

    What beautifully coiffed shelties you have!

    Just gorgeous! How lucky you are to have Piper, Jada, and Ozzie!

  2. Sullivan

    As I always say when there are multiplies, sure glad I don’t have to pick a favorite. Just look at ALL those sweet faces, although I’ve got to admit, none of them look too happy to be posing right now . . . Pat, maybe if they knew there might be an extra cookie or two after the photo shoot, they might cooperate a little more the next time. Just for the record, all 3 of these furbabies are very striking in coats and colors. Kisses to all.

    • Pat

      They know they are amply rewarded for posing. :). Sometimes they just put on their serious supermodel faces.


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