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Wake Up Wake Up Wake UP

Buddy says: “Let’s GO! Rise ‘N’ Shine!”


Cute alarm clock you’ve got there, Mick!

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  1. What a sweetie, I’d love to get awakened by Buddy.

  2. Buddy is magnificent….Shelties are the BEST!!

  3. so lovely best dogs you can have i want another pup

  4. Cuteness Alert; Buddy is adorable!!!

    Happy Thanksgiving!

  5. Wish I had one of them alarm clock getting stores here where I live! Buddy is just too cute and I love the “little, big” ears . . . don’t worry sweet baby, you will grow into them. He must have come straight from his bed, as his eyes even look like they aren’t quite awake yet either. I know there is lots of fun at your house Mick. Enjoy this time, as we know, puppyhood flies by way to fast.

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