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Welcome To Our Igloo

Come on in, we have lots of biscuits and squeaky toys to share.


Shelby and Gunner are so sweet, Deborah!

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  1. There isn’t much cuter than this!!

  2. OMG Too much cute there…I can’t stand it!!!!!!! Beautiful!

  3. The perfect pair.. cuteness, looks, and personality. What a precious photo!!

  4. What magnificent Shelties….Shelties are the BEST!!

  5. What a pair of love bugs, how lucky you are Deborah. They almost look like they could be mirror images of each other. I love those soft, sweet little faces and I’d say they are posing perfectly for their picture and waiting patiently for momma to say, Okay boys, all done, now here’s your cookie for being such good boys. I’m guessing never a dull moment at your house, lots of fun, fun and more fun.

    • Thank everyone, Shelby & Gunner are brother and sister and they are inseparable. They are like two peas in a pod. We are enjoy every minute of there puppy hood and it is going by way to fast ????

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