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It’s Christmas, But With More…CUTE!

Piper and Gavin celebrate their first Christmas together.


Life-long friends in the making, Lorie!

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  1. Two Absolutely Gorgeous Babies!!

  2. Love it! I’m sure they will be life long friends =)

  3. Oh how sweet! They are both going to have the best time of their lives. Lucky them.


  5. It doesn’t get any cuter than this folks! They are both adorable.

  6. OK now that’s is soooo Cute !!!!!!!!!!!!! Merry Christmas !!!!!

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  8. SO incredibly cute!!!

    Wishing you and your babies a very Merry Christmas!!!

  9. What darling photo! That is a whole lot of cute in one picture.

  10. Wow Lorie, your Piper is cute but your Gavin is just too adorable. The caption is right about Bff’s, look close and you will see little Gavin is holding Piper’s left leg, saying my best friend is right here by my side to back me up, it’s all good.

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