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The Holiday Party Continues!

Dakota and Cheyenne with Santa Claus. It is Cheyenne’s first Christmas.

Love those expressions, Marla! LOL

Another Sheltie named Cheyenne!

“You’d better tell everyone that these aren’t my real ears!”


Thanks to Lia!

Cooper and Noa have no idea what is going on.

They just know they are being bribed with cookies to sit.


Whatever works to get the photo right, Denise? :)

Shelly the Sheltie is strictly an indoor doggie, but wanted to decorate her play house and wish you all a very Merry Christmas!


So festive, Patrick!

Palmer is sitting in a sea of poinsettias!


Happy Holidays, Janet!

Talley underwent a surgery this summer and so many people had great advice for me on the message board that I thought it would be great to share the pic and let them all know she’s doing great 5 months later.

Such fantastic news, Dave!

Darby was a good puppy this year!


Lots of cookies for the photo, Beth! :)

Snooky and (Sheltie angel) Panda pose for a great holiday card.


Such a sweet photo, Lisa.

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  1. When it your new one coming? Come on girl, just do it.

  2. The sweet picture of Sheltie Angel Panda looks a lot like my dear sweet precious little Sheltie Angel Angelina (Angie). She went to Heaven October 11, 2012 and I miss her so very much every single day. Of course I miss all my Sheltie Angels, but her loss hurts the worst. God bless all little sweet Shelties.


  3. Goodness, each picture is cuter than the last! What a lot of adorable Christmas Shelties! I hope they all got everything on their list.

  4. Did they ask Santa for presents?ð??ð??

  5. Dakota and Cheyenne are magnificent. Shelties are the BEST!!

  6. This will be a blanket post for all of these beautiful / handsome fur baby’s. Everyone is so precious and looking absolutely gorgeous, decked out on all their Christmas finery.

    My hope is that everyone got to have their wishes and dreams come true, that all goodies received where just what you wanted.

    My further wish is that everyone stayed safe and healthy so we all can come back and be together for 2015.


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