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Perfect! Hold That Pose!

Laddie, Chance and Logan wish everyone a Merry Christmas!


Seasons Greetings, Gloria!

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  1. Very Merry Christmas to the babies in your life.

  2. I love all of those Sheltie smiles, that lets us know that all is right in their world. Merry Christmas all.

  3. im quite sure those are my uncles pups he has the same exact picture up on facebook that he took a few days ago <3 lovely pups right there

  4. That would be, handsome, dapper and spiffy! Three gorgeous Sheltie gentlemen. I think they are the best decorations, myself!

  5. They all look gorgeous! Merry Christmas to a dashing trio.

  6. Thanks Kelly!
    Back at ya!

  7. Aren’t they fluffy and handsome?

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