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It’s a problem when the dog has the biggest gift!

Riley says: “Heck no, that’s not the problem!”


He deserves a cookie for wearing those jammies, Jannelle! :)

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  1. Riley was an extra good boy this year so Santa decided he gets an extra big gift! Plus he put up with those PJ’s, which is reason for another toy please. What a cute boy he is!

  2. Riley is always a trooper with anything we have him wear :). In case you’re wondering what’s in his “Big Box”… It’s an agility set!! He’s the biggest frisbee loving sheltie we know of so it’s only fitting!

  3. Riley looks so stinking cute in his jammies!!) No gift is too big for a beloved Sheltie.

  4. What can we say we love our fur babies

  5. Haha…Nice! Have a great Christmas Riley!

  6. Way to go Riley! The dog IS the biggest gift!

  7. I agree Riley, the gift is NOT the problem but I do disagree, ONE cookie will not be enough! Having said that, Riley you still are one handsome little man, such a sweet little face. Maybe along with that big box, Santa will bring you some more manly looking jammies!

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