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Putting Up The Tree Today?

Marley sees his reflection in the Christmas ornaments and proceeds to strike up a “conversation” with his reflection!


This should be a Christmas card, Brenda!

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  1. all shelties are beautiful [ i missing my 3 all of them just died in the last 13 months lost my last 1 yesterday age 12 & 2 months RIP SAM ABBIE & MOPPET

  2. What a precious photo!! I love it! thanks for sharing!

  3. Sweet Marley! Merry Christmas Granddog!

  4. Marley, you have made the most beautiful Christmas image ever!
    I agree with Kelly… This would make a great card!

    Thanks for sharing such a wonderful image!

  5. Aw-w-w, look at that sweet, sweet face . . . I am in love! Brenda, Marley is just too cute. Marley, I hope you find an extra goodie or two in your stocking this year.

  6. Aaawww!;) it reminds us of our little boy sheltie. He had the same profile & was a tri color. Shelties are such beautiful dogs & we love their personality! They are so loyal & gentle!

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