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Santa’s Little Helper

Duncan, I bet you have been a very good girl this year.


Happy Holidays, Jackie!

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  1. What a sweet picture. Can’t wait to hear what Santa will leave you Duncan â?¥

  2. Aw little Duncan, you are the cutest! Santa must have been awfully good this year to have YOU as a helper!

  3. What a sweet expression he has! Hope he gets all the toys on his Christmas list this year.

  4. Duncan is such a handsome little boy. Beautiful markings and such intelligent eyes. I hope Santa brings me such a wonderful gift — years of cuddles, kisses, long walks and biscuits. Perfect.

  5. Duncan is as cute as he can possibly be! Love that adorable and sweet face!
    Now that is one helper we all an use! Merry Christmas little guy.

  6. Awww what a sweet little face. :)

  7. My, my, just look at this gorgeous, little tiny bundle of cuteness. Such a sweet little doll baby of a face. OK Jackie, can you tell I fell in love again today? She may be making you happy by posing for pictures with this big scary man, but even in this picture, you can sure tell she is keeping track of her momma! Merry Christmas Jackie and Duncan, hoping all you wished for is under the tree.

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