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Thank you Santa!

Mollie Marie had a fun Christmas day playing with all her toys.


Awe Denise, she looks so content!

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  1. … and so it was time for a long winters nap…
    Mollie Marie has the right idea!
    So sweet… Sweet dreams!

  2. Gorgeous. Looks like my past fur baby.

  3. No one has any better definition of the word, want more proof? Open your dictionary to contentment and there, you will find a picture of a beautiful, well loved Sheltie that looks just like sweet little Mollie Marie, lucky you Denise to get to share your life and home with this sweet little soul. Judging from the looks, give Mollie a chance to rest up for a minute and she’ll be ready for round two.

  4. Not only content also totally pooped out from having so much fun with her new toys. Good for her.

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  6. Mollie Marie is magnificent. Shelties are the BEST!!

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