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It’s Cold Out, Put On Some Cute Booties!

It may be snowing, but Kobe’s put on his winter boots and is ready for a walk!


What a good mom you are, Margaret!

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  1. Would you share the name of the manufacturer of theses booties? They look like they fit your sheltie very well. I would love to get some for my Java.

  2. Mine won’t keep them on!! But it’s funny to try!!!lol!

  3. It took a while for my Sheltie to get used to them. Now he complains if they aren’t on in the winter

  4. Looking stylish Kobe!

  5. I put Harley boots on Cody, funniest 8 seconds of my life was watching him get them off.

  6. No frozen tootsies for our Shelties! Kobe knows he’s going for a long walk & needs to protect his paws from the ice. Smart boy! (and smart Mom/Dad)

  7. There feet get cold too. Poor babies.

  8. What a beautiful smile from your handsome boy Margaret, He looks to be saying, “Come on Mom, I’m ready to do some stylin’ and profilin”! And as he struts his stuff, all the girls will be swooning!

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