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A Doggie Doughnut!

Could there be anything more cute and convenient than being able to use one’s own tail as a pillow?

We think not.


LeLe looks so cozy, Beezy!

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  1. That would be my Barney. My Foxy likes to expose herself belly up and 4 legs stretched…

  2. this looks like my Shelby, exactly like her

  3. LeLe looks like my Lilly, she even sleeps in the same position.

  4. My babies don’t use beds…..well except for ours lolol

  5. Looks just like one of our’s.

  6. Is that a Sheltie or an adorable little fox? LeLe is so cute in her bed. And oh my what a tail she’s sporting!

  7. How precious. Shelties are the BEST!!

  8. OMG, Lele looks exactly like a little fox!
    How absolutely adorable! Bezzy you are so lucky!

  9. Just want a male sheltie sable and white with floppy ears

  10. Well, that is a most adorable picture, Your little LeLe almost looks like a little foxy all curled up in that bed. She is really pushing the cute needle right over the top, how lucky for you.

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