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Happy New Year Sheltie Nation!

Lassie says: “May your paws always be warm and your toys stay squeaky!”


Such a perfect sentiment, Carla!

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  1. Absolutely beautiful! Happy New Year to all! Thanks for sharing.

  2. So sweet! Thanks Lassie!
    … And you are certainly a beautiful lass!

  3. Lassie is so lovely! happy new year to all my sheltienation friends and all the Shelties in the world.

  4. Our Sheltie, Shyloh has a Lamb Chop also and she loves her.

  5. So beautiful, love the sheep. Hehe

  6. WOW Carla, what a perfect ambassador for our beloved Sheltie’s. Lassie is such a stunning Sheltie and with such a beautiful coat color and, throw in the tipped ears as the icing on the cake, your Lassie is the total package for me.


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