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He’s Missing The Little Button Tag On The Ear

Otherwise I would swear Brodie has to be a Steiff!


Wonderful photo, Nola!

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  1. Your little Brodie is just too handsome. Look at that sweet face and those beautiful soulful little eyes, I bet they don’t miss a beat!

  2. button tag on her ear??? what’s that mean

    • Steiff is a brand of expensive stuffed toys that are to be collected, not played with.

    • Steiff stuffed animale made in Germany had a button in their ears as a trademark for their product.

      Steiff was know for their realistic stuffed animals… I think that is waht Kelly was referring to in her title.

      Brodie is one beautiful Tri!

  3. Cutie pie..I have 2 them in all colors

  4. Beautiful coat. I have a tri but she’s not quite this fluffy!

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