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Jump In The Air Like Ya Just Don’t Care

Go Benny!


Some serious springs, Marta!

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  1. Man, somebody needs to sign Benny up! That boy can catch some air!

  2. WOW–Air Benny!

  3. Wow! Love this pic! Benny is really into that snow.

  4. Wow nice shot!!!!! If we could bottle that energy !!!!!!!!!!

  5. One of my shelties does that too! The other one gets excited too and tries to imitate, but, well, he just can’t get airborne and the little that he does, well, let’s just say he is more rocklike than Tiggerish.

  6. WOW, Benny sure caught some air with this jump! Great action shot Marta, he looks like he is having the time of his life. Hugs and kisses to your sweet fur baby.

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