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The Largest Squirrel on Earth?


Roope is a funny puppy, Juha!

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  1. Absolutely adorable!

  2. This pic is a Keeper. What a beautiful Sheltie!

  3. Beautiful Sheltie, and a very nice picture!

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  5. Looks more like a lion to me! Beautiful pup.

  6. Just the most stunning and beautiful image!

    Roppe is so darn cute Juha! Lucky you!!!

  7. It’s the rare Shetland Squirrell! My Scarlett also LOVES to play with pinecones! She will pick them up on her walks, carry them along, & play with them/chase them like they are balls (her favorite toys)!

  8. Das ist ja ein zauberhaftes Bild.Sieht bald aus,wie Kira im Wald. ð???

  9. Squirrel? I think Roope looks more like a little lion, an adorable little fuzzy lion that is. He is just so cute and I of course love the cute little tipped ears. As for the pinecone, we know there is nothing that the Shelties miss and must investigate everything to be sure it is something OK for their humans to be near, always protecting, that’s our furbabies.

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