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Let’s Play: Name That Critter!

Kody are you a Sheltie or a tri-color snow gopher?


Such a cutie, Yvonne!

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  1. Kody is a very cute snow monster!

  2. Oh my little Kodi. How I love this little guy. Tks for posting his photo. Made my day to wake up to this.

  3. Kody is such a beautiful Sheltie. Oh those tipped ears, soulful eyes and snow on the nose. I’m in love.

    • Ruth, I couldn’t agree more, you took the words right out of my mouth. Lucky you Yvonne to get to share your life and home with this little beauty.

  4. This is so Treesa! Loves the snow !

  5. Kody, you are one gorgeous Tri!
    Such a full and lustrous coat you have.
    Just stunning… I am so jealous…
    One day I hope to have a Tri as beautiful as you!

    Enjoy that snow…. BTW, it sets off your coat beautifully.

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