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All I Need Is Some Cold Weather

It’s snowing.

Her whiskers are frozen.

It’s windy.

Upset? Nope.

Big smile!


Kira is lovely, Liana!

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  1. Those fuzzy butts are useful for something! Mine also loves snow, though we don’t get it often in Nashville.

  2. Love it! What a gorgeous girl!

  3. Let it snow, let it snow, let it snow: We need more snow!

  4. Great shot of a beautiful sheltie!

  5. Kira has the sweetest sheltie smile!

    What a love bug she must be…

    I just want to hug her… lucky you Liana!

  6. AW-w-w-w Liana, what a real little beauty your Kira is. These sweet little souls sure do love all this snow. Judging from her face, looks like she just caught a snowball and is expectantly waiting for the next! Love the smile!

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