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The Nose Is Cold, But The Heart Is Warm

Chance asks: “Is your nose cold too?”


;) Gloria

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  1. Oh bless your sweet heart, Chance! I LOVE those eyes!

  2. What a handsome little fella Chance is, as always with the Sheltie, it is all about the eyes and Chances look expressive and soulful all at the same time. And of course, don’t forget those cute tipped ears!

  3. Chance is so silly…
    He loves to eat the snow!

    I caught him after he took a big mouthful!

  4. Oh this photo melts my heart. Sweet Chance, he has such a gentle expression. My first Sheltie Skye was a beautiful mahogany sable like this, and I have always loved this coloring.

  5. Chance is sooo handsome and those eyes, those sweet, intelligent soulful eyes. Terrific photo too.

  6. Love this Sheltie…Shelties are the BEST!!

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