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At what point do you get sick of winter?

Zephyr says: ‘“um, that would be NEVER!”


Love that frosty nose, Robert!

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  1. For me, pretty much as soon as it arrives. LOL Sooner, actually. As soon as it turns cold and starts getting dark early.

  2. You should see Zephyr’s ear fringe when the humidity is low and he gets static frizzy…it’s quite a sight! :)

  3. The first day I have to lose my flip-flops!

  4. No Yet for our Ginger. She is just getting around to noticing her new toys.

  5. My old girl thinks -30c is the time to roll and make doggy angels:)

  6. They love the snow! Shay had fun yesterday on a long walk. Came back looking a mess as our huge snowfall from last week is on a big melt and there is sand everywhere. She didn’t care.

  7. As long as there’s snow, there will be Shelties loving it! Zephyr is so cute in the snow.

  8. The first day I have to put on a jacket and turn off the air conditioning.

  9. What a beautiful face and photo!
    Lucky you Robert!

  10. Aw-w-w Robert, what a little beauty and those eyes seem to be saying, “Go in . . . really? Do I have too? But I want to play, pleas-s-s-s-se daddy, just 5 more minutes!”

  11. Pretty name for a pretty dog!

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