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Send Us Your Blizzard Photos!

Are you smack in the middle of The Blizzard of 2015?

If your Sheltie ventures outside or is hunkered down by the fire inside, we’d love to see ‘em!


(A frosted Teddy says, “stay safe, everyone!”)

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  1. Such a beautiful Sheltie. He has such a nice ruff. Stay safe.

  2. O M G��WANT TO KISS HIM !!!!!

  3. OMG – Is Teddy the cutest ever!
    You betcha… We will stay indoors and safe!

  4. Teddy looks like he came in form the snow too soon. Please take him back outside and play with him for at least 20 min more. ;)

  5. Seems this little sweetheart gets cuter every time we see him. What an adorable little face, but the eyes look a little sad, or is he just really cold and glad to be back in the warmth.

    I agree, everyone please stay safe, some of these temperatures can be deadly.

  6. Love that magnificent face. Shelties are the BEST!!

  7. He’s so beautiful!!

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