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What’s your IQte?

Kinsey’s name is “Jo-C’s B Is For Brilliant”. So, of course her idol is Albert Einstein. Here is is doing an impersonation of him. It’s almost like they were separated at birth, don’t you think?


LOL, Sheila!

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  1. Now we know why Shelties are so smart…look at their mentor. LOL

  2. Their brilliance is obvious. Of course, Kinsey is too dignified to have such wild hair as Einstein sports in some photos!

  3. Jo-C’s is prettier but there is a close resemblance, especially the tongues.. Love the explantion

  4. Perfect. Kinsey is beautiful and looks very intelligent; Einstein not so much.

  5. My goodness Shelia, Kinsey could be looking in a mirror! What a clown!

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