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Wipe Your Paws!

Okay! I wiped my paws.

Now may I please come in?


Such a sweet photo, Rebecca!

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  1. Awwww how adorable! Love Sheltie pups!!!

  2. This little darling just touches my soul. How awfully sweet could this baby possibly be? Just way too precious.

  3. Oh! that teeny tiny tail! with it’s tiny exclamation point of white at the veeeerrrryyyyy end!

  4. Very very very sweet!

  5. Absolutely adorable

  6. So so wittle!! Getting one on wednesday the 4th of February! ! !!

  7. Sweet baby! I can’t wait to get another!! :)

  8. All that cuteness, and manners too! How could you resist this sweet little furbaby ANYTHING?? I am really in love here Rebecca!

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