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It’s Chilly Out, So Don’t Forget Your Frisbee!

Shelby and Gunner take a break from frisbee to powder their noses.


:) Debbie

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  1. Thank you ❤️�❤️�❤️ shelties are the best �

  2. My two Sheltie guys are down here in Florida where it will be a balmy 30 degrees tonight, but these two gorgeous puppies could be their twins! :-) Try to stay warm, everyone.

  3. Shelby and Gunner are magnificent. Shelties are the BEST!!

  4. Shelby and Gunner, love those names! These 2 gorgeous little fellas look to be enjoying themselves and just having tons of fun. As much as the Shelties seem to love the snow I’m sure they must be so confused when all of a sudden it is gone, “Mom, bring it back!”

  5. So we are going door to door digging people out. Lol

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