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Deflategate – Sheltie style!

Sammy a cheater?

No way! He was just following the rules of the game.


LOL, Chris!

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  1. Sammy cheat… NEVER!

    He said he was set up!
    His little sheltie lips are sealed and would never give away his human!

    We know Chris… ;-)

  2. Maybe Sammy was conducting experiments to reveal the truth?

  3. My Sheltie loved playing with balloons. He was always sad when he’d bite them and they’d deflate.

  4. Are you getting the balls ready for tom for the super bowl? :-)

  5. AW-w-w-w Chris, look at that SWEET little face and those soulful little eyes, how could you even think Sammy is a cheater? On the other hand . . . evidence? But, I bet for a hug and a cookie he will promise to never, well, almost never, do it again! Either way, your little Sammy is adorable.

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