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Do We LOOK Like We Want To Go Inside?

Snobben and Quillow aren’t done yet!

Looks like they are having fun, Carol!

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  1. Look at those pleading eyes, 10 more minutes mom, pleas-s-s-se! We won’t even ask for extra cookies! Carol, your babies are gorgeous and looks like it could be a barrel of fun around your house. Wishing you lots of happiness for year to come.

  2. boy the one on the right looks like my Gizmo. trying to figure out how to post a pic. if you go to my wall you can see him.

  3. Missy Hickman ❤️❤️❤️

  4. This is exactly the look I get from mine!

  5. I’ve seen faces like that at home! Fresh snow is heavenly for Shelties.

  6. I have never lived someplace where it snows before so I never knew that shelties love snow, until I moved to Minnesota. My Kiowa Grace doesn’t want to come inside when we have fresh snow. They are just too cute.

  7. Looks like there having fun ❤️

  8. Looks like my sweet Shaina when we tell her it’s time to come in!

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