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Double Baroo

All I have to say is “do you” to Naiche & Naruto and head tilts usually follow waiting to hear…

wanna go for a walk, a snack, a car ride? doyoutilt

Now don’t tease, DK! ;) Follow through with that cookie!

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  1. Look at those little sheltie faces…

  2. Love that look on the smaller one!!

  3. Double cuteness!

  4. I think shelties are born with the “do you reaction” doesn’t matter if it is a walk, car ride or outside time. Mine hear it in conversation and assume you are talking to them.

  5. They are both soo cute. Shelties are so smart, Shay knows anything that means COOKIE

  6. What precious faces!!!

  7. Both are so magnificent. Shelties are the BEST!!

  8. Precious, Precious, Precious.

    Naiche & Naruto are just ADORABLE!

    I would be loving on them all the time…
    You are SO lucky to have such a beautiful pair.

  9. Who’s the cutest? Since we don’t dare play favorites, I declare a tie! First place prize, a cookie to each! I LOVE those sweet little faces, they are just waiting patiently to respond to mom’s next words, but you need to please hurry up so that we can get on with . . . whatever!!

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