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No stinkin’ snow for me!

Island breeze and wind in my face.

Cooper is having fun on a boat in Seabrook Texas!

cooperboatWhat a ruff life, Becky and Scott!

(Glad to see he is wearing a life vest, too!)

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  1. I LOVE COOPER!!!! This is such an awesome photo !!! :)
    That’s my sisters & brother in laws dog !!!! He sure is pup~ular ! haha

  2. What a beauty Cooper is! He could model boating accessories, like the vest he’s sporting.

  3. I’m with you, matey! I’d rather be feeling the ocean breezes in my face than the snow! Great photo and gorgeous boy :)

  4. Just love to see shelties when they run. They look so happy and their fur is gorgeous fluttering in the breeze.

  5. Gosh, We should all be so lucky Cooper!
    Enjoy! We can only dream here in the north country!!!

    I second… So glad your parents have you in a life vest!

  6. Cooper is magnificent. Shelties are the BEST!!

  7. Chuckle. This could have been Skipper. He was a good little sailor, too. And it’s interesting–the sailboat I captained out of Coral Gables, Fl. was named Island Breeze.

  8. What a good looking first mate, Cooper can join my team any time. I do agree, good pet parents for the use of the life nest.

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