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Sheltie Bedbug

Lulu doesn’t look like she would bite.

Lick maybe, but not bite.


Funny girl, cbelton!

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  1. that is the cutest bedbug I ever saw! soo sweet!

  2. I think Sheltie’s are notorious for finding that special place in the bed to snuggle in…! Sheltie <3

  3. Omg!!! How cute is Lulu!!!
    You can snuggle in my bed anytime!!
    What an absolute cutie she is… Just too darn adorable!!!

  4. So here’s this lovely Sheltie, all tucked up and cozy under HER comforter and her head resting on HER soft pillow. No, it’s not your bed, it’s HER bed. Get used to it. Our Sheltie babies will find the most comfortable and cozy place in our homes and make it their own. And the truth is: this is exactly as it should be.

  5. Lulu is so pretty in her cozy place.

  6. Definitely lick. And lick. No need for a shower on a Monday morning! Beautiful baby!

  7. I guess that is the kind of face you can expect when you interrupt a girl’s beauty sleep, although Lulu doesn’t really need a lot, she is adorable enough already.

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