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Somebody is very spoiled?

Bella, your mommy says you are spoiled. Is that true?


Oh heck no, look at that face, Karen! ;)

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  1. How can you not spoil a sheltie,Lol!

  2. I wonder where the rumor of spoiled Shelties came from? No such thing, it is their jobs to look this cute and it is our job to obey their every whim and command! That’s just the way it is and we who know and love these sweet little souls gladly accept that little perk. I suspect most of us do that gladly just to get that look of pure contentment we are seeing on sweet Bella’s face, which means momma Karen gets a gold star for another job well done! Bella says, Now I’ll have a cookie please.

  3. Thanks for posting our girl’s picture. Bella is my constant companion. I have chronic illnesses and pain and she is the best therapy I could possibly have.

    She understands my moods and gets upset and comforts me.

    She makes me laugh and distracts me from the constant pain I have.

    Her daddy and I spoil her and we love her so much.

    I’ve been trying to catch her and our cat play fighting to post. They chase each other through the house. First the cat chases Bella then Bella chases the cat. It is so funny.

    Thanks for all your lovely comments. She keeps me from being too sad.

  4. What a beauty! Bella is possibly too cute!

  5. Casey is not spoiled he gets whatever he wants he has me well trained

  6. well loved, never spoiled, not in my vocabulary…. just loved, enjoyed and wanted and a member of the family

  7. She looks like she’s doing the super typical sheltie ‘happy bark’! Love the happy barks from my sheltie – I even bark back sometimes haha. They are so easy to spoil that’s for sure!

  8. Bella is gorgeous and very happy. Spoil her? Absolutely. All our shelties deserve to be spoiled. I love spoiling my guy and I love his responses — lots of kisses. In fact, my guy’s nickname is “Sir Licksalot.”

  9. Spoiled? That is what they are for, and we do a fine job of it at our house.

  10. spoiled….now what gave you that idea..??

  11. That is one happy dog for sure looks like my Sheltie

  12. What a beautiful sheltie smile you have Bella!
    Of course you are always going to get your way with a smile like that!

    Since you always ask nicely… you can always get our way!

    Just want to HUG YOU!!!

  13. Spoiled or not, that is a happy face.

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