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Who wants some powdered Sheltie?

Well, we’ve got lovely Dutchess right here for you.


She looks comfy, Darryl!

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  1. It is always funny to see my shelties come in after the snow. One shake and they are done, barely have to dry them off. All of the shelties I have had, always have seemed to be outdoor dogs. We just had a golden retriever (that went over rainbow bridge about 3 months ago), would sit by the back door with a pleading look saying “Please let me in, I am so cold, please let me in” while the shelties looked up at him with a look that said “whimp”. I have had (have) four shelties. Sandy, Chance (both have passed), and two current ones “princess” Dory, and “no nose” Noah. They have all loved the snow. On curious thing I saw Chance do though, whenever there was snow on the ground, he would root his nose in it as soon as he got outside. The only reason I could think, was it get himself use too the cold. Any ideas?

  2. Sheltie’s love to play in the snow until they get cold then they want to be warm inside.

  3. My Sheltie loved the snow when we got it here in wisconsin.

  4. ME oh how much i wanted another Sheltie, but it wasn’t supposed to be. we instead adopted a loving Aussie Shepherd from SPCA, ahhh God’s will

  5. Dutchess you look beautiful!
    Powder sheltie just adds to you special look!

  6. Look at that sweet little face, I’d say this baby just about thinks she is in Heaven and sure is enjoying herself. Judging from the dusting of snow that Dutchess is wearing lets us know that she sure is enjoying the scenery and just relaxing and taking it easy.

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