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California, We Need Your Warmth.

Brody and Cooper enjoy the park in Antioch, CA.

A lot of us wish we were in warmer parts like this right now, Kirk!

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  1. Wow, these two are so good-looking! taking a little rest from playing in the park with their people, a Shelties favorite day.

  2. Brody and Cooper are so lucky!
    I dream my feet can touch the grass!
    My poor shelties are craving a walk!!!

    So icy in MI that I do not want to risk taking them out…
    Kirk, enjoy your beautiful boys… We wish we were there with you!

  3. Brody and Cooper are magnificent. Shelties are the BEST!!

  4. Look at these two handsome fellas sharing a sunshiny day in the park. Their faces look like pure joy with just a small “oh so there” smile, perhaps they are sharing a secret no one knows but them? The cute little blazes, tipped ears, smiles and the almost crossed legs do it for me.

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