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Jack (who was adopted from Fresh Start Sheltie Rescue) demonstrates how a rescue Sheltie can really pull a room together.


What a happy coincidence, Rachel.

Hugs for adopting!

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  1. This little sweetheart is absolutely gorgeous! Wow!

  2. Hey, we have that tile, too! It works pretty well with our Sable and Tri Shelties, too, but maybe we need to add a third… ;-)

  3. I take it you have a Sheltie?

  4. Great, now I see I need to remodel my home to match my current Shelties! Seriously, Jack is one handsome boy. Hugs for adopting him.

  5. Rachel,
    Bless you for the adoption of little Jack! What a cutie!
    Many you have many days of romping together.
    Enjoy! There is nothing better than to rescue… makes the heart sing!

  6. He matches! Even if he didn’t he be worth changing the look for…handsome boy.

  7. Congratulations Jack on getting your forever home, looks like you really picked a great place . . . you just blend in so well. Kudos Rachel for adopting this precious little gentleman. There will be many years of fun and love in your home with your new life companion. Look at those sweet, intense little eyes, I’d say it will be no time before Jack has you wrapped around all four of his little paws.

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