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Everyone Likes Butterflies!

And Butterflies like Dutchess. :)

Did you know? Learn About Butterflies Day is celebrated on March 14th of each year!


Such a lovely photo, Diane! <3

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  1. Such a beautiful picture!

  2. What a gentle soul you are, Dutchess! It looks like she’s saying “Look! Look Mommy! Hurry and take a picture!” Great shot, Diane :)

  3. Dutchess is so cute with her new friend! I love both butterflies and Shelties, did not know there was a national learn about butterflies day.

  4. Oh my, brings a teat to my eye seeing Dutchess with her Butterfly pal.
    Just show how wonderfully gentle shelties are.

    Dutchess has the sweetest look on her face.
    I just want to get down on the ground with her a give her a big hug and kiss!

    This shot certainly captures the essence of a sheltie… sweet and gentle.

    Thanks for sharing such a lovely image!

    • So sorry about the typo Duchess!
      Meant … tear… (not teat)

      Had the stomach flu and should nave proofed before sending …

  5. My goodness, would you just look at that sweet, sweet little senior face, Duchess, you are such a beauty that the butterfly pales in comparison, but you are such a good girl to let the butterfly sit without disturbing. And of course, wearing the beautiful trademark Sheltie smile. Lucky you Diane, to be sharing your life with this gorgeous little soul, I wish you many more years with your heart dog.

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