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Eye Cannot Handle This

Gypsy is melting hearts today!


OMG, what a face Megan!

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  1. Thank you! I love her to pieces she is my best friend.

  2. Oh, dear little Gypsy, you are absolutely adorable! I had two blue Merles, mother and daughter, and they were beautiful too. Of course, to me, all Shelties are beautiful. I would sure like to hug and kiss this little one! Awfully sweet.

  3. We had 2 shelters and they were both grand dogs. We miss them both.

  4. ❤️ð???❤️ð???

  5. Oh yes, Gypsy is magnificent. Shelties are the BEST!!

  6. What a beautiful sheltie! Absolutely precious!!!

  7. Be still my heart! Gypsy is the reason we have climate problems — so much warming in one little body. I want one! She looks so sweet. And her eyes are so soulful. Megan, you are one lucky lady.

  8. oh yes, I’m MELTING!!

  9. OMG!!!

    Be still my heart… it is melting…Gypsy!

    What a adorable doll you are… those eyes….
    That sweet snout… that ball of fluff… puppy breath…

    Who can resist you?

  10. Gypsy can melt my Heart anytime! How sweet she is.

  11. Little Gypsy, what a little cutie pie Megan, I know you are a proud momma. What a stunner this baby is going to be in adulthood but look at all the fun, love and companionship you are going to have in getting Gypsy to the stage of her life. It will be fun to watch this baby grow and mature into the adult Sheltie we know she will be. Wishing you long happy years with this adorable little girl.

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