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I’m not Irish, I’m Scottish!


Teddy does look a little indignant, Julie. ;)

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  1. Today, you’re an honorary Irishman Teddy! Now wipe that sad look from your face young man. He needs a little bit of green beer?

  2. Happy St. Patrick’s, Lassie, from your Aunt Maureen!

  3. Just listened to Scotland the Brave. Nice.

  4. That’s the look my sheltie gave me this am too. Of course, Scots are Celts too, so not as different as we sometimes like to think.

  5. Awe… Teddy, you look so cute!
    I know an extra cookie is in it for you!
    Happy St Patrick’s Day!

  6. Aw Teddy, that’s okay. You look splendid in green :)

  7. Everyone is a wee bit Irish on St Paddy’s Day.

  8. Teddy may look indignant, but he is still oh so handsome. A touch of the green really sets off his beautiful coat color. He does have a bit of a stink eye going on but that will change when he realizes there will be cookies!!

    To all of Sheltie Nation:

    Please have a wonderful, fun festive day and PLEASE STAY SAFE.

  9. Got you covered I’m French, Scotch and Irish.

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