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Little Helper Blues

Lacey likes to help her mom with the dishes.


Such blue eyes, Judy!

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  1. Lacey can help me with anything, just look at those peepers she’s got! My, what a pretty girl she is. You’re lucky Judy!

  2. Lacy, darling, you are really beautiful. I know your mom is happy to have you help her anytime. Keep it up!

  3. Very unusual with the white so predominating and those blue eyes!

  4. Lacey is beautiful. She looks very wistful: like she licked off all the plates and can’t understand why her mom put them in a machine.

    Can’t help it: I love blue merles. Quite a while ago, I adopted 2 blue merle sisters from New Jersey Sheltie Rescue and had a wonderful 8 years with them. As much as I love/adore my other shelties, my blue merle girls had a lock on beautiful. God bless and take care of all shelties (and all other animals, too).

  5. Lacey is beautiful!

  6. Such a beautiful pup❤️love our Shelties

  7. What a stunning dog!

  8. How adorable! In our house we call that puppy pre-wash ????

  9. What pretty girl ! :)

  10. I had a Sheltie Lacy too. Lacy Blue you are beautiful!

    • If memory serves, there’s a book called Lacey Blue. It the story of a puppy mill (I think) Sheltie who, once adopted, had terrible emotional obstacles to overcome. In the end, all the hard work paid off and she had a very good life with her people.

  11. Such a sweet face you have Lacey!
    We know mom appreciates the help in the kitchen!

  12. Best kitchen helpers there are, they just hope and pray someone drops a bite or two, they will sure be there for clean up! Sweet little Lacey gets more stunning every time I see her.

  13. Beautiful dog. I just love her markings

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