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Waiting for Spring

Logan looks like he is waiting patiently for spring to finally arrive.


He is such a handsome little fellow, Gloria!

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  1. Logan looks so serene. He reminds me of my Motek, who has become quite grizzled these past 2 years. Senior + Sheltie = major love affair.

  2. What a beauty…Shelties are the BEST!!

  3. Oh my goodness Gloria, what a sweet, lovable little senior face you get to look at every day, even from Logan’s side profile I can still see all the love In those gorgeous little eyes. Even though your handsome fella might have slowed down some in speed I bet you can still “hear” the wheels turning working all that Sheltie brain power. Gentle hugs and kisses for your baby.

  4. Oh those EYELASHES! Reminds me so much of my Sheltie boy, Kirby I miss so much. <3 Side note: My German Shepherd is named Logan. :)

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