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With one wink

Hannah gets whatever she wants.


Of course she does, Naomi! ;)

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  1. I saw this just now. Thanks everyone!! Hanna is spoiled, that is for sure.

  2. Oh how beautiful is that little face.

  3. MUst be a youngster, her ears haven’t tipped yet, so sweet.

  4. Hannah must make a great co-pilot for those excursions to the pet store for more treats. She’s adorable!

  5. Love the sheltie smile and the sheltie wink!!

  6. Well, my, my, my, look at this gorgeous little queen sitting on her throne! Had to get the baby up high enough to see out the window! Boy, Naomi, I’d say Hannah has you wrapped around all 4 paws and from where I sit, that is a pretty good place to be!

    You know all the funny pictures dog owners share on the internet, I saw one a couple of weeks ago that you might have also seen. This guy was taking a picture of his dog and just as he was ready to snap it, the dog winked at him and he said, “he winks at me every once in a while and I always wink back because it could be code for something and I don’t want to miss it. Your Hannah reminded me of that picture.

  7. There is nothing like a sheltie

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