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Beach Bite

Brodie was taking a walk on the beach and picked up a little souvenir.


What a cutie, Bob!

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  1. I’m right there with him!!!

  2. How adorable! Look just like my Molly girl at that age, who also loves the water!

  3. Wait, I think those are my sunglasses!

  4. Brodie is absolutely adorable and handsome, too. Love his tipped ears. I’d love to jump thru the screen and hug him up. So loveable. Bob, you’re a lucky man.

  5. I love that white spot on his head looks like a cute

  6. What a lucky little Sheltie, growing up near the ocean!

  7. What a gorgeous way to end my day. Your Brodie is just too adorable. It will be so much fun watching this little sweetheart grow and mature.

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