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I’ll Just Park It Here

Apollo says: “How about a push, please?”


:) Ashley

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  1. What a sweet little baby!

  2. A Sheltie can be summed up in five words: The companion of a lifetime!

  3. He loved it :) He sat in the swing for 15 minutes and still didn’t want down.

  4. What a cutie!!!! Just want to hold him and kiss on him!

  5. That’s the cutest! I have 2 beautiful, smart & sweet bi-black Shelties!!!

  6. I am thinking Michael might like this….for a couple of minutes!!!

  7. What a little cutie Apollo is, looks like a little teddy bear. Is he ever going to be a looker as he grows and matures.

  8. I wonder how long he lasted until he climbed out of that swing! So handsome too.

  9. Apollo – If I could reach you, then I would give you a push, and certainly a big, big hug too :-)

  10. I love those bi-blacks. What a cutie! Adorable baby!

  11. What a cutie Apollo is!
    Enjoy that swing now… I am sure you will grow out of it soon!

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