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OK, Now Who’s THIS?

Miah had never seen a rabbit so close, she didn’t know what to do!


If only the glass wasn’t between them right, Jim? :))

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  1. Can’t you just see the smoke rolling out of those cute little ears . . . my, my, my . . . I NEED to get out there and investigate what that “thing” is in my yard! I can also see the intensity in those little brown eyes. HA! We think she is intent now, just wait until Miah realizes that “thing” can move, have your camera ready Jim . . . let the zoomies begin!!

  2. Ok bunny, you better watch out… That door will be opening soon…
    Of course, Miah will be ready!
    Herding anyone??

  3. I wonder if she would have herded it if she were outside? Cute pic!

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