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Over the River? Nope. Through the Woods? Yep.

We visited the Great Smoky Mountains in Gatlinburg Tennessee for Spring break and took our beloved Marty (age 12) with us. His uncle (a yellow lab) was frolicking in the water. Marty, yeah, not so much. He still had fun walking on the trail, though. ;)


Those sill labs, Aaron. ;)

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  1. Shelties are the BEST.. My Sheltie Lexi didn’t like the water either.

  2. We went for a walk yesterday with Shay and she definitely prefers to stick to the trails. We were helping look for another Shelite who has been missing now for a few weeks. She belongs to the same breeder we got Shay from. There had been a sighting in a particular area on the Thursday. No luck :( I feel so sad for Kelly, not knowing.

  3. One of our shelties will not walk in water or cross it when we hike, we pick him up to cross. Just like humans, we all have our quirks I guess.

  4. Adventurer Sheltie, and so handsome!

  5. Marty looks so poised and dignified and he’s very handsome. Lucky you, Lucky Marty. He looks like he deserves a few extra cookies.

  6. What a little sweetheart your Marty is Aaron, with the signature Sheltie smile, the calm relaxed face and the beautiful coat color, what’s not to love? Lucky you Aaron, wishing you and Marty lots more sunny days and everything Sheltie with your BFF.

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