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Saturday Snacks

Teddy says: “I’ll take one of those buffalo wings, thanks.”

teddyfood Our Teddy is a tiny morsel himself. :)

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  1. Teddy is so adorable! Love his smile. How’s Tyler? Miss seeing his updates! :)

  2. Gorgeous boy! Natural ears?

  3. Cute! I liked the one :)

  4. Of course Teddy wants the only thing on the table that he can’t have! That’s usually what tastes the best, the forbidden!! Naturally, Teddy has the intense eyes of the Sheltie’s, maybe he is willing that “wing” to just fly off the plate! Teddy, you are just too cute!

  5. lol, no hot wings for Shelties! That will give Teddy quite a tummy ache. Maybe he can snitch a carrot?

  6. Oh Teddy, I love your hair! It’s very rockstar!

  7. Wow Teddy… What a buffet you have!!!
    Your such a cutie that I am sure your mom and dad will share!

  8. OMG LOL I love Teddy’s cute little face and his very fuzzy coat! SOOO CUTE! <3

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