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Waiter, there’s a Sheltie in my coffee!

What, doesn’t everyone have a friend to help them stir their morning drink?


Cody is silly, Janice!

Like a Sheltie needs an energy boost. LOL!

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  2. LOL! I have a coffee loving sheltie too. Can’t turn your back for a second!

  3. Aaah, that’s cute! What a beautiful dog.

  4. We share coffee and Krimpets for doggie Bday parties. I watched my collie put her elbows on the coffee table, turn a cup with about an inch of coffee left on its side so she could get the rest of it. I guess it was Maxwell House-good to the very last drop!

  5. What a cutie Cody is! He probably doesn’t need any coffee though ;) Shelties are plenty energetic as it is.

  6. That’s my Mya she loves coffee

  7. This is so true in our house! We have to take out mugs with us if we move from room to room or we will hear the tinkle of dog tags against the side of our coffee mug. :-) LOVE our shelties!

  8. Um, this is the grandest of problems in Seattle!!!!! Do not mess with a Seattlelite’s coffee—-EVER!!!!

  9. I agree, energy boost? After this, Cody should be bouncing off the walls. Actually I really suspect that momma Janice didn’t give Cody enough to matter, just enough “people drink” to make him feel special . . . but we know it doesn’t take anything to make a Sheltie special, they just are!!

  10. Oh my goodness! I’ll have what they’re having â?¡â?¡â?¡

  11. Love that caption “Like a sheltie needs an energy boost.” Oh so true

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