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Bluebonnet Baroo!

Silly Dakota and smiling Cheyenne pose in the Texas Bluebonnets.


Isn’t there always one comedian, Marla? :)

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  1. This is simply adorable !!

  2. Cutenest factor went off the chart!!

  3. What a stunning shot!!

  4. Dakota get an A++ in Head Tilting! Beautiful shelties and flowers ??

  5. My goodness, look SN! June’s newest pinup girls! What a beautiful pair of furbabies Marla. Judging from these expressions I’d say you live with a couple of real characters and there is never a dull moment at happiness house. Not to mention that they are just. too. cute! I wish for you many long years yet to come with your two little companion’s and BFF’s.

  6. This is the cutest one yet – except for photos of your own Lassie, of course!

  7. omg they’re adorable! Love their big Sheltie grins too.

  8. Soo darn cute it’s too much cute!!

  9. What a precious picture!! That smile and head tilt brightened my morning! You have Beautiful babies!

    • They are so lovely sitting among the blooms. The head tilt of one made it especially cute! Shelties have a way of making us smile!!

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