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Don’t Forget To Re-Charge Your iSheltie…

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What a doll, Brigitte!

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  1. I love so much this pic, but definitely also the amazing enjoyable headlines. :-):-)

  2. Cutest post/caption ever!!! How adorable!

  3. I have 2 Shelties and they are beautiful!! ��
    They are great protectors

  4. oh my goodness how precious!

  5. oh my goodness how precious!

  6. My sheltie is the most beautiful sheltie ever

  7. Shelties are the cutest sleepers â?¥

  8. Precious! Enjoy that puppy stage, they are so sweet!

  9. That is one relaxed puppy! Adorable!!!!

  10. Sun up to sun down, Shelties are on duty! They work hard every day then totally collapse at night.

  11. One word…BLISS!

  12. My Sheltie is the energizer bunny :) nonstop!

  13. What a little cutie! This is a great start (or finish) to any day.

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